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Aina Erastus

Founder & Head Consultant

Aina Erastus (Founder and Head Consultant) is an Infection Prevention and Control and Quality Improvement expert, with over 20 years of experience in providing health care safety, quality and risk management in Namibia. Ms. Erastus is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health with the University of Johannesburg, and possesses Master of Nursing Science from the University of Stellenbosch, a Postgraduate Diploma in Infection Control from the University of Stellenbosch, a Diploma in HIV and AIDS Management and Counselling from the University of Namibia and a Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery Science, University of Namibia. Additionally, Ms. Erastus has specialist certification from the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) as an External Evaluation Surveyor and certification in safety and Quality in Healthcare from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Ms. Erastus has worked at Mediclinic Windhoek Private Hospital for 15 years where she gained vast experience in Clinical Risk Management, Infection Prevention and Control, Quality Management (Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement) and staff development. She has worked at IntraHealth International as a Quality improvement Advisor, responsible for leading the Quality Management Programme. Providing technical assistance and quality improvement advisory support to 72 healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, Ms. Erastus has served as an IPC Consultant for the World Health Organization responsible for the provision of information, policies and directives on safe infection prevention practices and the implementation in the national COVID-19 outbreak response.


Silvia Wabomba (Consultant)


Silvia Wabomba (Consultant) is a Public Health Practitioner with over 4 years of relevant work
experience in clinical laboratory, Quality assurance and Monitoring and evaluation. She holds
a Master of Science degree in Global Health from the Institute of Global Health and
Development at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Additionally, she possesses
certificates in “Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health” and “Fundamentals of
Implementation Sciences” from the University of Washington. Ms. Wabomba, has worked in
the health and development arena, providing technical support on data management
(including data collection, compilation and analysis) and quality management by monitoring
the quality of health care services provided in the public health facilities, using the USAID Site Improvement through Monitoring Standards (SIMS) tool.


Cleophas George Gaweseb

Project Manager

Cleophas George Gaweseb (Project Manager) holds a Master of Commerce in Business
Management. A resourceful and expert with experience in project design and implementation
his SME training and knowledge on the Namibian Roads. Mr. Gawaseb possess extensive
experiences in handling, managing and organizing business training workshop. He has
marketing and good skills for instructing and training on business management with both
Financial and marketing experience. Most importantly, his experiences in this project will be
influential as it maps the research direction and he understands the current situation on
Namibia Health Industry.