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About us

ANE Healthcare Risk Management

ANE Healthcare Risk Management is a Namibian owned consultancy providing services in safety, quality and risk management. Ensuring provision of safe and quality health care services is the core of our business. We aim to prevent and reduce risks, errors and harm that occur to patients and staff during provision of health care. Patient and staff safety are fundamental to delivering quality essential health services. Hence, our main objectives are to assist organizations with improving and strengthening healthcare services delivery and capacitating of staff members with the necessary skills. Additionally, we prepare organizations for future healthcare accreditations. ANE Healthcare Risk Management provides comprehensive healthcare services, to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry. We have an unrivalled range of expertise and experience working with public and private healthcare organizations, providing unique services incorporating consultations, conducting facility quality assessments, staff development and training, implementing quality improvement projects and development of policies and procedures.

Our services are divided into four pillars:

  1. Quality Management (Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement)
  2. Infection Prevention and Control (Healthcare settings and workplace)
  3. Healthcare Risk Management
  4. Nursing Leadership